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Since 1995, the Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Vigo (“Vigo Free-Trade Zone Consortium”), has been developing indicators of Good Business Practices through its ARDÁN Business Information Service. This line of work is developed under the auspices of the ARDÁN Chair at the University of Vigo, aiming to identify business excellence in Galicia.

Each of the ARDÁN indicators measure the performance of companies in factors related to the ability to compete. The ARDÁN Indicator is obtained by those companies that exceed the restrictive values required in the ratios or in the synthetic indices used for the measurement. These companies demonstrate differential skills in generating competitive advantages, which makes them benchmarks in the Galician economy.

Getting an ARDÁN indicator is certainly not easy. Of the 33,750 companies analysed, only 4.81% have achieved 1 or more ARDÁN indicators.

CITIC CENSA is placed in in sixth position in the ranking of Galician companies analysed concerning the Talent Management indicator. We are particularly proud of this recognition that motivates us to generate the best possible performance.

Global Company

Companies presenting high values in magnitudes directly related to the internationalization process, such as the number of foreign clients, number of countries to which they export, volume of exports outside the EU, establishments abroad or personnel dedicated to internationalization tasks.


Companies presenting a growth rate of over 25% for three consecutive years in their revenue figure, provided the turnover figure for the first year of the analysis period exceeds 300,000 EUR.

Talent Management

Companies standing out for their human capital, for their policies towards personnel related to the selection, development, promotion, recognition and retention of their talent as long as their performance associated.

Innovative Company

Companies presenting high levels of innovative performance measured through indicators such as Internal R&D Effort, R&D&I Training, Process Technology, Labour Productivity or R&D&I Return.

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