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CITIC CENSA is is one of the most important heavy equipment manufacturers in Europe thanks to its high qualified personnel, with great experience since several decades and a worldwide reputation and also through its exceptional manufacturing facilities.


CITIC CENSA works with companies worldwide, and our high-skilled craftsmen that provide high quality ressources, co-operate with customers to achieve the best result. Its expertise includes stratregic cooperation with many international customers.


CITIC CENSA put itself in markets such as:

  • Mining
  • Cement
  • Offshore
  • Renewable Energy and Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas and PetroChemical Industry


In February 2011, CITIC Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., acquired Gandara Censa SA. This initiated the company to change its name to CITIC HIC Gandara Censa, S.A.U.

As CITIC HIC arrives, it was established an Investment Plan to upgrade CITIC CENSA's capacities in the global market and offer to clients more capacity in Machining and Fabricated parts.